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  • Air Conditioning

    With a track record extending back for over 40 years, Kimpton have developed a reputation for the quality installation and maintenance of Air Conditioning systems.

    Air Conditioning is increasingly becoming a key component of any commercial or industrial buildings infrastructure; here at Kimpton we provide a full in-house service from initial concept through to full design, installation and after sales care of Air Conditioning systems.

    Whether your project is an existing building or a new build scheme, we have the flexibility to meet the diverse requirements. With no system being too small, we can cater for all size and manner of installation from simple one to one split systems cooling individual rooms, to large multi Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) systems catering for cellular and open plan office systems.

    Kimpton HVAC Contractors – Expert providers to Merseyside and the Wirral

    We have carried out various designs and installations utilising market leading technology with a strong emphasis on Sustainability and Renewable energy systems, systems include not only air source but ground source closed and open loop systems utilising bore hole or ‘slinky’ applications.

    With the ever increasing demand for more energy efficient systems whether cooling or heating, we specify and install industry leading equipment. We have long standing relations with our suppliers and strive to work hand in hand specifying new technologies with an overall objective to reduce carbon emissions.

    We also have a wealth of experience in the cooling of Data Centre’s and Server Rooms. With the ever increasing reliance upon IT then the climate control of server/data rooms has become paramount. From the retrofit of single cooling only systems for a room adapted as an IT/server room to the fully functioning systems capable of cooling, heating, humidifying and dehumidifying a full data centre, our HVAC contractors can specify and install a system specific to your needs.

    We pride ourselves on ensuring that our employees involved with the design, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems are kept up to date with all current legislation. We will always ensure that you receive the best advice on installing the latest energy efficient technologies or on how to maintain and improve the operation of your existing systems.

    Energy Efficiency Certification

    Having your air conditioning systems inspected by an Energy Assessor is designed to improve efficiency and consequently reduce electrical consumption, operating costs and carbon emissions for your system. Energy inspections will highlight improvements in the operation of your existing systems or opportunities to replace older, less efficient or oversized systems with more energy efficient systems.

    By law, all air conditioning systems within a building with a single or combined effective rated output of more than 12kw must be regularly inspected by an Energy Assessor.

    The regulations require the first inspection of the affected air conditioning systems to be carried out as follows:

    • For all systems first put into service on or after 1st January 2008, the first inspection must have taken place within five years of the date when it was first put into service.
    • For other air conditioning systems, where the effective rated output is more than 250kw, the first inspection must have happened by 4th January 2009.
    • For other air conditioning systems, where the effective rated output is more than 12kw, the first inspection must have happened by 4th January 2011.

    If you control the operation of the air conditioning systems affected by these Regulations, it is your responsibility to:

    • Ensure an inspection has been done in accordance with the requirements and timetable of the Regulations. Keep the most recent inspection report made by an assessor.
    • Give any inspection report kept by you to any person taking over your responsibilities with respect to the control of the air conditioning system.

    Local authorities (usually via their Trading Standards Officer) are responsible for enforcing the requirements relating to air conditioning inspection reports. Failure to commission, keep or provide an air conditioning inspection report when required by the Regulations means you may be issued with a penalty charge notice.

    How can Kimpton Energy Solutions help?

    We will manage your air conditioning energy assessment requirements for you and inform you when an assessment is required. Our accredited Energy Assessors can provide you with the required Energy Efficiency Report. Along with issuing these reports, our service includes the facility to store the reports on our Web Portal to be viewed from anywhere and at any time.

    Installation & Commissioning Maintenance Surveys & System Design Are you R22 Compliant?

    Air Conditioning Case Study

    The Client

    Historical Broughton Hall was built in 1860 for a prominent Liverpool merchant and converted into Broughton Hall High School in 1928. It is a 1,300-pupil Catholic secondary school located in West Derby, Liverpool.

    As part of the Building Schools for the Future scheme, Broughton Hall has begun a £21 million project to refurbish the school with state-of-the-art facilities including a new sports hall, music and drama suites, flexible learning centres, university quality science labs and a purpose built sixth form centre. The project includes a complete upgrade to the retained buildings.

    The Challenge

    As part of the improvement project it was deemed necessary to install air conditioning systems in several areas of the school to provide optimum levels of comfort conditions for learning, thus aligning with one of the school’s key objectives of providing an excellent educational environment for pupils.

    The project also included systems within staff areas, therefore due to the varying air conditioning requirements across the school, and installation taking place during term time, careful design and scheduling of the works was essential.

    The Solution

    Kimpton Energy Solutions responded by advising upon appropriate solutions for the different areas of the school. They then installed Ceiling Suspended Systems in the Food Technology Rooms and Wall Mounted Systems in the IT Office and Reprographics Room within a meticulous schedule that ensured there was no disruption to the day-to-day pupil education.

    This was achieved by working within corridors prior to pupil arrival, swapping between classrooms and other areas as required by the timetable, and installing systems within specified time frames.

    Kimpton Broughton Hall High School Image

    Key Statement

    “The installation will improve the comfort conditions in several areas of the school servicing both pupils and staff. We are very experienced in undertaking projects in these conditions were flexibility and careful scheduling is key and this was crucial to our appointment on this contract”.

    Andy Morgan, Kimpton Limited

    Kimpton Broughton Hall High School Image