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  • Kimpton R22 Refrigerant expertise helping Hospital NHS Trusts comply with legislation

    As one of the North Wests leading building and environmental services companies, Kimpton’s expertise in commercial and industrial refrigeration systems is helping Hospital NHS Trusts comply with the latest legislation regarding the use of the refrigerant R22.

    Although the use of recycled HCFC’s was prohibited in the maintenance and servicing of refrigeration and air conditioning equipment existing after the first of January this year (2015) many organisations are still unaware, or have not yet dealt with the issue of R22 being used as a refrigerant in older cooling systems.

    A recent R22 project we undertook here at Kimpton, was for Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust which comprises of two hospitals: Southport & Formby District General Hospital and Ormskirk & District General Hospital which provides healthcare in hospital and the community to 258,000 people across Southport, Formby and West Lancashire.

    In order to comply with the latest legislation for the trust, the project involved the replacement of various air conditioning plants at both the Ormskirk District General Hospital site and Southport and Formby Hospital site to suit the recent changes to the F Gas regulations and the banning of R22 as a refrigerant gas. A total of 27 systems were replaced at the Ormskirk site with 42 systems being replaced at the Southport site. There were also a number of Fridge/Freezer systems that were replaced on both sites, including all associated pipework and controls.

    On both sites there are air handling units which had DX cooling coils and associated condensing units that were also replaced with modifications carried out to the existing BMS system to ensure its compatibility to the newly installed equipment.

    The scope of the project involved the de-gassing and removal of existing air conditioning systems, the replacement equipment for the walk-in fridges and freezers and the replacement of AHU DX cooling coils and associated condensers. Equipment supplied to the Southport site that would be exposed to the corrosive elements of the sea air were coated in “Bronze Glow” post manufacture to protect against corrosion.

    Chris Livesley, business development manager said “although it’s probably over 20 years since the first legislation came into force regrading CFC’s and their manufacture and usage, it still surprises us how often we come across a situation where modifications are required to meet the various legislations relating to refrigeration. Many companies really have left this to the last minute to comply to the R22 legislation”

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