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  • 3 Services That Kimpton Offer

    Kimpton offer a wide range of services from acoustic engineering to air conditioning installation. Our team consists of extremely experienced and knowledgeable staff who know exactly what our customers need. We can provide full turnkey solutions and work from concept right through to installation.

    Here are 3 services that we offer.

    Air Conditioning

    With over 40 years’ experience working with air conditioning systems, Kimpton are one of the best when it comes to this type of work. Air conditioning is a key component for any building which is why we are happy provide a full service, from the initial design to installation and aftercare. We have completed projects in a wide range of settings in the past, using the very best technology with not only air source but ground source as well.

    Condensers installed under air conditioning services

    Condensers installed under air conditioning services

    Acoustic Engineering

    No matter how complex your problem is, our acoustic team can help to resolve any noise abatement challenge. Our dedicated team of highly skilled technicians utilise the latest design technology in every project. We will first assess your noise control requirements so that we can match you to the perfect acoustic engineering service. We can then design and deliver complete noise abatement solutions that meet all your requirements.

    An acoustic barrier to reduce noise

    Building Services

    Here at Kimptons, we work very closely with architects, consultants and contractors, just to name a few. With an extensive knowledge and understanding of the industry, we can take an intelligent approach to the design and installation of a range of mechanical and electrical services. Meeting critical deadlines and completing projects on time is a crucial part of the service we offer.

    Kimpton Building Services

    These are just three of the services that we offer but this isn’t all we can do for you! If you would like to find out more about the other services that we offer, please do not hesitate in contacting the Kimpton team. To get in touch, call 0151 343 1963 or fill out the contact form on our website.


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    What our customers say

    • The installation will improve the comfort conditions in several areas of the school servicing both pupils and staff. We are very experienced in undertaking projects in these conditions were flexibility and careful scheduling is key and this was crucial to our appointment on this contract.

    • We have been using TKR Services since their inception and during that time they proved to be not only commercially competitive, but also, looking from an Engineers point of view they have strived to provide the highest quality work.

    • The Plaza is a showpiece building for Bruntwood in Liverpool and we have since made it our own headquarters in the city. To reflect this, we needed to ensure that the fit out was of the highest quality, whilst maintaining the high levels of service our tenants expect from Bruntwood.