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  • 4 Renewables You Need to Consider

    There is no doubt that renewables play an essential role in today’s society. Every business has a responsibility to ensure that they are environmentally responsible and keep their carbon footprint to a minimum. And with technologies out there to suit all requirements and budgets, there really is no excuse not to invest in them!

    Here are 4 renewables you need to consider.

    Biomass Boilers

    If you haven’t heard of biomass before, it is the term used to describe getting energy by burning wood like pellets or chips. These boilers can help you to meet heating requirements while producing considerably lower carbon emissions, compared to fossil fuels such as coal, fuel and oil. As well as the environmental benefits, biomass boilers help to reduce electricity bills which is an important factor for any business.

    Photovoltaic Systems

    Photovoltaic systems are another popular choice of renewable technology. When light, or photons, are converted into electricity this is called the photovoltaic effect. This is achieved using a layer of semi-conducting material, which are contained within plastic casing or glass. Kimpton can design and install PV and thermal panels, depending on your requirements. PV panels, otherwise known as solar panels, collect light from the sun using photovoltaic cells. Thermal panels convert solar energy into heat using hating fluid in tubes that pass through the panel. In many cases, these two technologies are eligible for heating incentives which is a huge financial benefit!

    Combined Heat and Power Systems

    Combined heat and power systems create heat and electricity in one single, highly efficient process. According to the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, these systems “can reduce carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to the separate means of conventional generation via a boiler and power station.” Creating hot water in student accommodation and heating swimming pools are just two examples where combined heat and power systems can be used and because they are scalable solutions, they are suitable for a wide range of other applications.

    Rainwater Harvesting Systems

    If you live in England, you’ll know that rain is a regular occurrence! So why not use this to benefit your business? Rainwater harvesting systems use collected rainwater for flushing toilets and other non-potable applications. These systems have the potential to save you a substantial amount on your water bills, especially where there is large demand or if they are incorporated with other renewables like PV panels.

    In addition to these, there are also other technologies that can benefit your business such as solar power and wind energy. When deciding on the best one for your business, you will need to think about your size, space and how much power you need to generate.

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